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Violin teachers are available in Cape Town to teach you and your children to play an instrument which is versatile and beautiful to listen to.

Our Aim:
To offer a professional yet relaxed approach to violin lessons in Cape Town

Our Approach:
We come to you - lessons can be 45 minutes to an hour long in the comfort of your own home or at the teacher.

How to book your first lesson:
Fill in our online form, and we will get back to you with details of a teacher in or near your area at the soonest.


We offer affordable rates of R300 per lesson in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to go to the teacher, we can offer lessons for only R240 per lesson.

Many parents wish that they had been given the opportunity to learn to play the violin when they were children but it is never too late to get going.

Children learn easily and quickly so it is a pity that so many of them do not get given the opportunity to try to learn to play the violin.

Starter lessons can be given and then the child can have a period of time to practice and decide whether this is what they want to do. Teachers can come to your home to do the lessons saving you from yet another trip. Most mothers are already busy taking their kids to all sorts of activities and would prefer this.

As the children grow out of their sized instrument these can be passed down to younger siblings or friends. Children can then get together for little concerts which are attended by parents and this is such fun as well as being very exciting for the children involved.

The link between Mathematics and Music is strong so the children will learn to read the musical notation using their logical minds.

If you are wanting violin lessons during the holidays you can arrange that with the teacher concerned.

You can purchase the following lesson vouchers

4 Credits
4 Lessons - covers the average month
* Credits must be used within 45 days of purchase - max 1 x 24 hour notice cancellation allowed.

10 Credits
R2 400.00
10 Lessons
* Credits must be used within 90 days of purchase - max 2 x 24 hour notice cancellation allowed.

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Are you looking for a violin teacher in cape town ? Look no further as we have the violin teacher for you. Our teachers are affordable at only R240 per lesson, and best of all – our violin teachers come and teach you in your own home no matter where you are in cape town. Our lessons are also held one on one, giving you the best possible chance for success – you simply cannot compare what we can achieve with one on one lessons as what you would achieve in a group environment. We also have a unique and relaxed style of teaching, which helps you to stay motivated and achieve your goals. We offer opportunities as well for you to perform in public at privately held events so you can grow your performance side as well. This is of course totally optional but encouraged. If you would like to book a violin teacher in cape town, best to fill in the form on this website or give us a call and we will assist you. Our lessons last for 45 minutes long. Violin teacher cape town focuses on violin tuition, and we look forward to assisting you achieve success with your violin playing.

Violin is one of the world’s unique music instrument and it is most people’s dream to be able to hold a violin and play a melodious special item. You need a qualified violin teacher to give you lessons that will eventually make it possible for you to be able to hold a violin and play that melodious dream song to your special ones on a special day. A professional teacher is available to offer you violin lessons even in can start playing that instrument of your dreams. These lessons are offered to people who stay in and around Cape Town, although some choose to come from different places in and outside of South Africa to have lessons and enjoy a holiday stay in one of the best tourist destinations in the world while taking violin lessons and return home able to playing that instrument of their dreams. Violin lessons are also good for your children, it improve their intellect and as a result they become excellent in school with will come as a bonus from just playing a violin. Make your booking now and start taking violin lessons with the best violin teacher.

A passion starts with an interest; the same applies to a career in playing a violin in a mass choir. Becoming a professional violin player is one thing that someday you will be. Guess what it takes for you to enjoy yourself as a professional violin player. To know how to pass the test, it is your interest toward your violin lesson and that is what we need from you. Violin teachers Cape Town is here to make your dreams come your dreams come true. One day you will become a violin teacher if you take violin lessons offered by us. We offer you violin lessons at a super affordable price. You do not need a violin lesson a violin to learn it. Our teachers will help you with the violins that we have. Sometimes you may feel that you are tired and you cannot make it for classes, do not worry, our violin teachers will come to you at the comfort of your home. It is less stress on your side if your side. If you are interested please kindly contact us on the above number and one of our friendly consultants will call you. Enjoy Violin teacher Cape Town.

Many people where asked that if someone talks of music as a whole what instrument would come into mind. Many people talked of pianos, guitars, drums, tambourine, trumpets, marimbas... they said quite a lot of instrument but they all forgot the most important musical instrument that many people forget that is the violin. it so uncommon to the extent that many people if asked about it, they do not know it ,they do not know how it looks, they do not even know what type of a sound it gives off. And that is sad because it is an insult to us and a shame to the people. This is why violin teacher Cape Town is here to bring back the near to extinct musical instrument, the violin. We offer violin lessons to all people. Together we can make it, with our violin teachers we will make a difference in life, we can bring back the violin musical instrument on map to ensure that everyone knows the violin instrument. Violin lessons are offered low price. What are you waiting for; speak to us on the above mentioned number and one of our consultants will help. Call a violin teacher and book your violin lessons with us today...

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We cover almost every area in Cape Town. If you don't have a teacher in your area we will find you one in less than a week !

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